We design, build and deploy complete solutions and high reliable hw/sw products.

The company provides solutions of any complexity from custom hardware design, low-level development of firmware, drivers all the way to the application layer development for a wide range of standards and specialized embedded hardware/software platforms. We have deep experience in electrical designs, board layouts, firmware/software, and mechanical and industrial design.

Build your own M2M or IoT product from the scratch, we will choose the most suitable deployment scheme and pick hardware and software from the list of renowned and trusted vendors.  We bring the whole solution to your product.

BLQ inc. offers specific solutions for the following industries, such as energy, retail, transportation, health care(medical), home/industrial automation, telecommunication/telco, High end consumer electronics, multimedia, automotive.

Our capabilities encompass the full design (hw/sw) flow from start to finish including:

       •Feasibility studies,

       •Product design/analysis/integration

       •PCB Layout and fabrication

       •Design simulation and testing

       •Board assembly

       •EMI/EMC testing and certification

       •Manufacturing test and installation application tools

      •Mechanical housing design

which includes a complete hardware design process from specifications to a working prototype.

Software: Embedded development , Server/Client/Database, Desktop app, Web app, Mobile app


BLQ inc. is your trusted partner to get your product to market.