Barcode Auto ID

A barcode essentially is a way to encode information in a visual pattern that a machine can read. The combination of black and white bars (elements) represents different text characters which follows a set algorithm for that barcode type. 

Barcode types are linear(1D) and 2D. With 1D (linear) code, all the information in the code is organized horizontally from left to right. There are several versions of 1D codes and some encode only numbers while others can encode any keyboard character. 2D barcodes are a bit more complex as they organize information vertically and horizontally. This allows 2D codes to hold much more information and take up less space than a 1D code.

1D codes can be read by any type of barcode scanner. 2D codes require an imager barcode scanner to be read properly.

Bar codes can be used in every business around the world. For example:

  • to track assets in any building including every desk, computer, telephone, copier and desk accessory.
  • to track mail from the time it arrives in the mail room to the time it is delivered to each desk or location within an office.
  • to help security guards identify every employee, every door they enter and every room they work in.
  • to secure, lock or unlock entrances or exits throughout the plant.
  • to manage and track your vehicle fleet and each driver

Any individual can use a bar code and a scanning device to gather information, sort it and later upload the data to a computer so that a report can be printed quickly, easily identifying who did what, when and where it took place. No other simple, easy to use product can control your workplace the way the bar code can!